dimanche 24 février 2008


TaShma, un nouveau groupe de rap 'hassidique, ça swing, whoaaa ! vous reconnaissez le lieu ? ...


You give me everything I have

You are the ground on which I stand

You are my life my length of days

You are the rhythm in my veins

My heart pulses to Your name

I rise from sleep and speak Your praise

Before I ask You fill requests

Before I speak You are my breath

I talk about You all the time

You make me sing and dance and rhyme

You call me Yours, I call You mine

You are my soul You are my shine


Shine shine

You know you give me my shine (shine shine)

I know you give me my shine (shine shine)

It’s true you give me my shine (shine shine)

Hashem you give me my shine (2x)

How many ways Countless are Your praise You are the power that saves

Some days I take hours to pray But even if my tongue was sweet and lips graceful

I would still be unable to praise You

I’m grateful I promise to be loyal and faithful I’ll represent You I won’t disgrace You Thank You for taking me in Your wings You make me sing

Besides You I have no king You are my Rock my Refuge I got to bless You

I love to love You There’s none above You I raise my hands in holiness and blow a kiss

I don’t know what I owe this gift I’m frozen stiff You made the heavens and earth

Formed man from pebbles and dirt the way I feel I can’t express it in words

On my mind all the time You’re the One I’m the moon You’re the sun

Where my shine comes from

I bless the Lord with all my soul

He wears majesty as His robe

The heavens recount His glory

He makes sunshine it’s just for me

Sends rains from clouds for every tree

Each leaf tells His story

Just look around it’s plain to see

All of G-d’s works are amazing

Chorus 2x

Although in actuality

I am so far from Thee

Yet You lift us up and give us luck that will not ever leave

Like leaves on evergreens we’ll stay attached and never lack a ticket back to the roots of our tree

Our Torah’s eternality gives room for everyone to breathe

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